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YOD recharge 
with nature

YOD is a unique place not only due to its location right by the seaside. Here, tranquility and closeness to nature are of paramount importance.

The beach atmosphere has been transferred to the YOD premises, where you can find beach relaxation zones. We aim for our guests to have a feeling of being on the beach throughout their entire vacation.
In the current season, we welcome you to our single and double cottages, as well as the option with a loft. In total, we offer 24 comfortable cottages (approximately 100 sleeping places) for our guests. Each cottage comes with a private terrace, a well-equipped kitchen and dining area, a designated living area with a TV, separate bedrooms, and a bathroom with a shower cabin. We also provide basic beach equipment, so you can peacefully enjoy your time at YOD


We attempted a subtle shift of the coastline and designed a complex where guests have the feeling of being on the beach throughout their entire vacation. With genuine seaside vibes and shallow sand beneath their feet.

Each cottage is equipped with a functional kitchen and dining area. In the immediate vicinity of the YOD complex, you can find a grocery store or take advantage of the offerings of three restaurants directly adjacent to YOD (20 meters from the resort). KITCHEN EQUIPMENT: refrigerator, two-burner stove, electric kettle, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery. It is also possible to have a stay with meals provided, served in the seaside dining hall located 100 meters from the resort. For precise information, please inquire during the reservation process.

The safety of our guests is of paramount importance to us. We want both children and adults to feel comfortable during their stay. Due to designated relaxation areas and the concept of closeness to nature, we have decided to refrain from allowing vehicle parking directly next to the cottages. The fewer cars moving around the YOD premises, the safer it is for our children and the more space there is for play :)


On the premises of the resort, there are 7 parking spaces available, including 2 dedicated to people with disabilities. The remaining cars will have designated parking spaces in the public parking area right next to the YOD premises.

Parking spaces in the resort's parking area - 20 PLN / day Parking spaces in the off-site parking area - 10 PLN / day

Each arriving guest will also have the opportunity to unload their luggage in a designated driveway. INFO> Parking is available in the public parking area located next to the resort, where there is no issue with available spaces during the season.

We are doing everything in our power to quickly deliver the entire resort to you. This season, we will renovate the next part of the facility. The old section of YOD will be available only this year. Of course, at a much lower price. The attractions remain the same for everyone. YODpocznij with us.

The beneficial effects of iodine. The air in the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea is rich in iodine, a trace element with a wide range of health benefits. It is difficult to obtain natural doses of iodine, which is why the majority of the population suffers from iodine deficiencies. The combination of iodine, bromine, and magnesium, known as sea aerosol, has a beneficial impact on the entire body. It purifies the respiratory system, improves immunity, sleep quality, supports proper thyroid function, aids the nervous system, alleviates allergic reactions, regulates metabolism, and promotes the proper functioning of the hormonal system.

Iodine is also one of the strongest antioxidants and has protective effects in inflammatory and cancerous processes. Interestingly, the highest concentration of iodine in the air occurs during autumn and winter when the Baltic Sea is most tumultuous due to storms. Natural inhalation of iodine has an incredibly positive impact on health and the overall functioning of the body. Even a short stay by the Baltic Sea can improve well-being and support the fight against inflammatory conditions. YOD with us!

In the current year, we will already implement part of our plan. YOD has been designed according to the principles of universal design, with a focus on accessibility for people with disabilities and seniors. The reduction of architectural barriers and the use of appropriate surfaces on the main paths of the YOD resort enable independent movement and improve the comfort of our guests' stay. Taking into account the specific requirements of people with disabilities, we have facilitated access to the reception and all the main attractions of the resort. One of the cottages we offer will be fully adapted to the needs of older individuals, people with mobility impairments, wheelchair users, as well as blind and visually impaired individuals.

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